The NET Alliance™ and Novartis Oncology continue their commitment to improving knowledge and management of neuroendocrine tumors, and empowering patients to be more informed advocates.

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NET: Not your typical tumors

Historically misunderstood to be rare and relatively benign, neuroendocrine tumors (NET) are increasingly common and are now regarded as potentially malignant neoplasms that can cause debilitating symptoms and potentially life-threatening issues for patients.1-5

Unlike lung cancer, which arises from the lung, or a breast cancer that arises from the breast, neuroendocrine tumors arise from a cell type. These neuroendocrine cells can really arise from [almost] anywhere in the body.

— Dr Lowell Anthony

This shift in mindset is driving health care professionals and patient advocates to:

  • Seek ways to make more timely and accurate diagnoses of NET
  • Emphasize the need for appropriate multidisciplinary management strategies

In fact, the increasing incidence of NET may be due, in part, to heightened awareness and improved diagnosis.6